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Eastern Drain Service

Maine’s Premier Drain
Service Company

commercial, truck mounted, pressure washing equipment

Maine’s Premier Drain
Service Company

commercial, truck mounted, pressure washing equipment

Sewer and drain services to keep your home or business running smoothly:

  • Inspect septic tank and sewer drains with fiber-optic video camera
  • Locate water lines & wells
  • Locate sewer lines & septic tanks
  • Sewer drain unclogging and cleaning
  • Shower & tub drain unclogging & cleaning
  • Bathroom & kitchen sink drain unclogging & cleaning
  • Floor drain unclogging and cleaning
  • Interior & exterior perimeter drain unclogging and cleaning
  • Thaw frozen water and sewer pipes
  • Remove root balls
  • Clean grease traps
  • Clean culverts

At Eastern Drain Service, we offer comprehensive and efficient drain clearance services through advanced drain jetting and scoping. Our goal is to ensure your drainage systems remain in optimal condition and prevent the stress, inconvenience, and potential health risks caused by clogged drains.

Our Drain Jetting and Scoping Services

Drain jetting uses high-pressure water to break down the toughest blockages. Not only does our specialized jetting equipment clear immediate blockages swiftly, it also cleans the interiors of your pipes to prevent future blockages from forming. This is furthered by our drain scoping services, which use camera technology to visually inspect and diagnose issues within your pipes.

Residential, Commercial, and Municipal

As a locally and family owned business, we are dedicated to serving our community. We are proud to have served local municipalities across Hancock, Penobscot, Washington, and Waldo counties.

Specific Areas of Expertise

Shower, Tub, and Sink Drains: Hair, soap scum, and other debris can cause frustrating blockages in your bathroom. We can swiftly clear these for you, ensuring a smooth running shower, tub, and sink.

Floor Drains: Whether in your garage, basement, or commercial property, blocked floor drains can introduce flooding risks. We can clear these within no time.

Sewer and Septic Lines: A blocked sewer or septic line can pose serious health risks and damage to your property. Let our experts leverage advanced technology and their years of experience to resolve these critical issues.

Grease Build-up: Frequent in commercial kitchens, grease build-up can become a severe issue if not addressed timely. We offer efficient grease drain clearing solutions.

Root Obstructions: Tree or plant roots can often invade and block your pipes. Our specialists can identify and remove these obstructions with minimal disruption to your landscape.

Culverts: A blocked culvert can lead to dangerous flooding. Rely on us to provide thorough culvert cleaning, prevent erosion, and ensure effective water flow.

Count on Eastern Drains

At Eastern Drains, we are committed to providing you with reliable, efficient, and prompt drain clearance services. Our team of experts uses state-of-the-art technology and techniques to diagnose and resolve your drain issues, ensuring minimum disruption to your day-to-day activities. Trust us for a hassle-free and cost-effective solution to all your drain-related issues. Contact us today!

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